Disk n.º 8 panic: portuguese Ana Gomes backs Russia’s infiltration in a NATO country’s security system to protect her family

2021.08. 02
Portuguese judicial officials accepted Rui Pinto’s plea proposal to collaborate with them to
detect criminal activity in soccer world of PT and about Dos Santos family from Angola.
Portuguese politicians have large presence in Angola dealing with Dos Santos Family.
Former politician and political analyst/lobbyst in VINCIAMO CONSULTING Paulo Sacadura Cabral
Portas is very deep connected with former President Dos Santos.
Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas is connected with every major corruption scheme in Angola
related to former President Dos Santos
Rui Pinto isn’t the true hacker , he’s just a straw man, an impostor seeking for getting a more
important position at his soccer team, Club Futebol de lo Porto.
Portuguese politician Ana Gomes backed Rui Pinto to save her own ass, since Rui Pinto had the
famous disk n.º 8 with breathtaking docs and clipps related to portuguese top politicians ,
lawyers and businessmen engaging in criminal acts
Ana Gomes got the info Rui Pinto is working for a KGB former intel officer , close to Russian guru
Alexandr Dugin

Ana Gomes got this information from common connections with Dugin himself , she got terrified
with the info about her financial status, her offshore bank accounts in Panama, her name in the
Panama Papers and in Mossack Fonseca’s payroll sheet, and the strange interaction with a
russian-iran natural agent in some of her and her husband real estate deals
Ana Gomes’ associate, Eduardo Hintze Paz Ferreira, professor a tone university in the heart of
Lisbon, is also one of the names involved in PANAMA Papers
Ana Gomes pressured Francisco Pinto Balsemao to stop the publication of Panama Papers story
in his historic journal EXPRESSO

Part of the deal was Ana Gomes ‘ collaboration with Francisco Pinto Balsemao- owned Tv
channel SIC (she maintains a Tv show there up to today)
Private Ana Gomes is very different from public Ana Gomes – Ana Gomes captured Rui Pinto,
she is in charge of him.

Rui Pinto’s lawyers are involved in Panama Papers too – his portuguese lawyer, Teixeira da Mota,
is referred to by Five Eyes intel agencies as an asset of Cuban intel services
Ana Gomes is bringing Edward Snowden to help Rui Pinto, defying the US and showing her true
nature : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyEZMhyX7zE

Ana Gomes ‘s a fucking liar – she infiltrated in American embassy in Lisbon and near the EU, she
forged connections with American female diplomats just to collect info
Ana Gomes ‘s connection to Edward Snowden shows Ana Gomes’ true nature and true dirty
interests and businesses which support her

Ana Gomes knows Edward Snowden is a FSB agente, working with russian intel services
Ana Gomes is bringing Snowden to the center of portuguese judicial and intel services, allowing
Russia to conduct infiltration operations to collect sensitive intel from a NATO country
Ana Gomes is demanding the payment of a fee from russian people to have access to Rui Pinto
and portuguese judicial authorities (PJ and public prosecution) disk n.º 8

Ana Gomes knows very well the existence of disk n.º 8
Ana Gomes knows very well disk nº8 is possessed by an international intel agency
Ana Gomes is using Snowden to protect her businesses , to protect her and her associates
businesses in Angola

Vitoria Lao
Former Senior intel officer. South America/Chinese studies expert