DANGER ALERT: Barbara Reis and Ana Gomes are the terrorist BDS Movement’s real deal in Portugal/Europe

Barbara Reis, friend of terrorists and journalist of PUBLICO, a portuguese newspaper owned by SONAE (a company with many interests overseas, especially in Spain).

It is known for quite some time the bias against Israel in european top political structures. Portugal have had its fair share of this bias, not amongst portuguese people, but certainly amongst the political ruling elite. Do not forget that Portugal is dominated by a strong left and far-left politicians who had adopted the anti-Israel mantra as a demonstration of their fidelity to the old-commie ideology.

The hate against Israel is loud and clear in portuguese media. Some portuguese politicians were already identified as enemies to the State of Yisrael and threats to Israel’s national security. The risk they represent to our beloved Israel is not due to their opinions or the exercize of their freedom of speech; the true reason is the connections these journalists and media pundits have with terrorists who pledge to annihilate the eternal homeland of the Jewish People.

One of the most dangerous political activists – falsely labeled as “journalist” operating in Portugal – is called Barbara Reis. Barbara Reis has been in the database of multiple intell and secuity agencies all over the world, pretty much since her role in the promotion of destabilizating actions following Iraq War against the US and Israel (openly, blaming Israel for the conflict, one of the loudest demonstrations of her antisemitism).

She has always been an adversary of the United States and Israel, inciting, organizing and promoting intell operations aimed at undermining America and Israel’s vital interests. Barbara Reis is linked to the most dangerous people in Europe: in the shadows, she manobrates all the far-left , anti-America, anti-Israel initiatives in Portugal.

After she had had a key role in the protests in front of USA Embassy in Lisbon, SONAE (a portuguese company with many interests overseas, specially in Spain), owner of the daily newspaper PUBLICO, picked Barbara Reis as the main editor of this paper, ousting Jose Manuel Fernandes (Barbara accused Fernandes of being too much close to the zionists…). The process of Barbara Reis’s nomination for editor of Publico is still debating in Portugal: we have exclusive information that proves this was an intell operation counting with the support of then portuguese President, Jorge Sampaio, and diplomats linked to the “Macau Group” and anti-Israel forces.

Do not forget that Barbara Reis worked de facto at the United Nations, having played an active role in the case of Timor’s Independence. By that time, Barbara Reis deepened her ties with Ana Gomes, a portuguese politician known for being an active of BDS Movement, a personal friend to terrorist Omar Barghouti (she traveled in his private jet and opened european parliament gates to this bloody terrorist like he was an Hollywood superstar) and an active of iranian Ayatollahs regime. Ana Gomes, during her tenure as member of the european parliament (MEP), strenghtened her friendship and businesses relations with the Ayatollahs regime – and openly mobilized the european parliament against the democratic opposition to the iranian teocracy.

The evidence to prove this is more than overwhelming – and will be shown to the right authorities, at the right time and at the right place, pretty soon…


Barbara Reis, few years ago.

Ana Gomes and Barbara Reis are terrorists; and that is why they are so freaking nervous. This is why Ana Gomes and Barbara Reis are losing their freaking minds…The clock is ticking…
Barbara Reis is being used both by portuguese intell services and cuban intell services at the very same time – which increases the need for the portuguese to clarify where they stand…for democracy and liberty; or for government’s coercion and terror. The portuguese authorities will have to clarify what they stand for very soon…

https://www.publico.pt/2019/12/17/economia/noticia/nao-verdade-convido-isabel-santos-porme-processocrime-1897737 (here you can see how a terrorist always protect a terrorist friend: Barbara Reis is the puppet of Ana Gomes, the Omar Barghouti’s lover in Portugal, including in the process of attacking Isabel dos Santos and promoting Ana Gomes’ friends and family interests in Angola…that is why Black Cube is in possession of lots of information about Barbara Reis/Ana Gomes not so secret alliance…). Terrorist Ana Gomes is using terrorist-friendly Barbara Reis in portuguese press. All their roads lead to antisemitic terrorist BDS Movement.

Barbara Reis was very close to Miguel Portas, a former journalist who dedicated himself to feed an anti-Israel narrative, forging data about Lebanon, Libya , Iran, Jordania and a bunch of other countries. Interestingly enough, Miguel Portas’ financial backers are the same ones who are now behind Barbara Reis…

Barbara Reis is linked and gives protection to other assets of the iranian Ayatollahs’ regime, namely a portuguese pundit who is under international criminal investigation for his connections to terrorism in Catalonia/Polisario Front and money laundering of iranian/libyan capital, called Jose Pacheco Pereira.

The most intriguing part is Jose Pacheco Pereira traveled to Teheran using a…portuguese diplomatic passport, issued by then portuguese foreign Minister, Paulo Sacadura Portas.


Jose Pacheco Pereira, another portuguese asset of iranian ayatollahs ‘ regime.

Barbara Reis has been off the hook for way too long; after she had left the office of PUBLICO’s main editor, she became even more dangerous. This is it: this is the time to hold Barbara Reis accountable. Her support for international terrorism and her corruption in Angola will go unnoticed no longer.

Barbara Reis using her dark glasses, she can’t hide her dark interests though…Ironically, this photo belongs to OBSERVADOR, a portuguese media outlet whose publisher is Jose Manel Fernandes, who Barbara Reis killed socially in PUBLICO to get to the top of this paper editorial control…

And Barbara Reis’ presence in New York and in Israel some years ago gave us all the info we need about her…She remembers what she did in Israel…She remembers the connections she made at the UN…Oh boy, she better remember…

Barbara Reis is the BDS Movement’s real deal in Portugal. She is the real friend of terrorists. And a terrorist’s friend must be treated as a terrorist…

Daniel sharon.